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theres a devil in the [bottle] part II - this is the title [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Kristin Z

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theres a devil in the [bottle] part II [May. 29th, 2010|06:46 pm]
Kristin Z
[Current Location |futon]
[mood, bitch |not bad]
[music, bitch |curious george]

i dont get it. im trying to understand, but i just cant. i didnt do anything wrong.i didnt deserve all that bull shit. thanks a bunch. and i bet you anything its one of those things that we are gonna pretend never happened. you were drunk, just let it go. okay, i will, cuz i dont even want to think about it. it just pisses me off and makes my head ache. fudge it. i wish i had not cried. you just fed off of it. lovely. just do what you want but tell me your plans in case i need to prepare myself. it always seems to work out this way. when im falling for you harder, i feel pushed away. is god teaching me a lesson by bringing you back into my life? is this for all the hurt i caused? is he teasing me so i know how it feels? its not funnny. i love you like no one else and not feeling that back makes me feel like i did when i was 16. i dont want to lose you, but if you dont want to play on this field, just please please let me know. i hope you do. a lot of drinking lately. please dont go back. you dont need to. im sorry life is so boring and miserable. oh fuck...im sorry. i dont want you to hurt . i want you to be happy. id love to create a life with you. i want to really bad. i didnt leave you last night. you left me. i have your back, but if i cant find you, then what the fuck am i supposed to do? you walked away. that was horrible. worst night ive ever had with you. 8 years to the day...nice way to remember that. i had a bad feeling, but i had no idea it would turn out like it did. whatever...explain why i deserved that? actually, dont. i dont wanna hear it. no more depression. im trying. its hard...esp when i feel so alone and unloved...but i guess you have a funny way of showing you care and its my fault for not understanding. okay. always my fault. put yourself in my shoes. why do i always say that, god, i hate being so depressed and emo. i had a good day today, kinda. see ya. oh, and angels won so suck it....but i still love you