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Kristin Z

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Update time... [Mar. 14th, 2012|11:58 am]
Kristin Z
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Okay, so lets see here. We're living in Lake Havasu, AZ. Been here since June 2011. Love it here. Dylan just turned 5 earlier this month. He's finally starting Kindergarten in August after 2 years of pre school. He is so flippin adorable, the things he says and does...omg lol. Addison turned 2 in January. Addy...now she's absolutely weird, but in the most heart warming way. She's awesome, I LOVE my kids so so much. And then there's this next one...yep, another one! Im almost 13 weeks preggers. This ones been tough, i actually feel preggo and look it already! My first 2 were pretty easy-breezy, but not this one. I love it regardless. So looking forward to this, 3 kids sounds pretty hectic, but its all good lol. xoxo