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Kristin Z

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in my daughters eyes [Jul. 11th, 2010|03:01 am]
Kristin Z
[mood, bitch |fuck off]

if you dont give a fuck, then neither do I. figure shit out on ur own. im done putting up with your ass. grow the fuck up. OPEN YOUR FUCKING EYES. im done with waiting for you to show some compassion...some fucking acknowledgement or thank you would have been nice, but you dont see it. you dont see anything. im not your bitch. i thought i was your girlfriend, but i sure as hell dont feel like it. and im not just crying and whining like brooke. i bet you anything she did tons for you and you just never saw it. i feel bad for her, i am so jealous of her, but i dont hate her at all. and for how much you supposedly hate her, you sure did a lot for her. looks do amount to something, and sorry if im not like her...but hey ur not hot shit either. i still love you, but fuck, maybe i shouldnt. you are so not afraid of losing me, but im not gonna sit here very much longer if it keeps up.